Namogoo Finds 25 Percent of Online Holiday Shoppers Were Exposed to Unauthorized Injected Ads

April 8, 2019

Namogoo Finds 25 Percent of Online Holiday Shoppers Were Exposed to Unauthorized Injected Ads

January 14, 2019

Analysis of Traffic Across Leading Ecommerce Sites Shows Shift to Mobile Shopping and Significant Increase in Online Journey Hijacking

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Namogoo, a company that helps online businesses to deliver a superior digital experience, today released research that shows a quarter (25 percent) of online shoppers were exposed to unauthorized injected ads during the 2018 holiday shopping season. In its 2018 eCommerce Holiday Season Data Recap, Namogoo benchmarks the significant uptick in shopping activity during the holiday season, highlights important consumer buying trends, and also shows a significant increase in consumers exposed to injected ads and malvertising.

“Every year, the holiday season serves as an outstanding consumer behavior case study that leading retailers use to shape successful eCommerce strategies moving forward,” said Chemi Katz, co-founder and CEO, Namogoo. “With the huge investment in marketing around the holiday and so many alternatives one click away, retailers should maximize their eCommerce revenue by removing invasive distractions from the customer journey.”

eCommerce’s Growing Invasive Ad Problem

Malware-driven advertisements have quickly emerged as a popular means of monetization, and are commonly injected within legitimate service bundles and program updates users download when browsing the web.

Namogoo’s latest research shows that one in four online shoppers (25 percent) were exposed to unauthorized product ads, pop-ups, and banners intended to divert them to competitor sites or other websites. In fact, upwards of 70 percent of unauthorized ads featured competitor promotions and products – potentially driving hard-earned holiday website traffic elsewhere to complete an intended purchase.

Invasive ads present themselves to online shoppers in the form of banner ads and pop-ups, damaging retailers’ digital experience. Online Journey Hijacking has a devastating impact on retailers’ online revenue. Not only does it compromise the retailer’s intended digital experience, it’s also impacting a critical segment of shoppers who are more active and purchase more frequently than others. This point is demonstrated further within the report as Namogoo found shoppers that used infected browsers but had injected ads blocked converted 2.5 times higher than other users who were not infected.

Mobile Channel Makes Significant Gains in Holiday Traffic and Conversion

Using aggregated and anonymized data from hundreds of millions of web sessions across top retail sites reveals that consumers are further gravitating to mobile devices for both browsing and buying.

  • During the holiday season, mobile traffic to online retailers in the U.S. increased 46.99 percent, and mobile traffic in Europe increased 50.54 percent compared to previous weeks – both higher growth figures than desktop.
  • Mobile order uplift also surpassed desktop in the U.S., increasing 93.68 percent (compared to desktop’s 85.27 percent), while European mobile order uplift remained slightly behind that of desktop.
  • Conversion rate uplift for mobile edged out desktop in the U.S., 31.57 percent compared to 30.15 percent for desktop.
  • In both US and Europe, consumers were browsing on mobile more than desktop, but still, most transactions occurred on Desktop.

Hobby and Footwear Retailers Receive Biggest Online Conversion Bump

Gifts & Hobbies, footwear, and jewelry retailers vastly outperformed other U.S. and Europe-based retail verticals during the 2018 holiday season when comparing their orders and conversion rate uplifts to the previous 32-day period. Some more insights around each market’s holiday performance include:

  • Footwear brands experienced a 188.95 percent increase in orders with the U.S. and a 71.44 percent boost in conversion rates. Not to be outdone, European footwear retailers saw a 218.51 percent boost in orders and 76.70 percent boost in conversion rates.
  • Gifts & Hobbies online retailers saw a 105.26 percent increase in conversion rates in the U.S. and 75.74 percent gain in Europe. Orders within this category received a significant bump of 171.26 percent in the U.S. and 188.13 percent in Europe.

Retailers interested in gaining more insights into consumer online holiday shopping trends and Online Journey Hijacking can download the full report here: