Namogoo and Microsoft Develop GDPR Compliance Solution on Azure

July 18, 2018

Namogoo and Microsoft Develop GDPR Compliance Solution on Azure

July 18, 2018

Digital Insights, a New GDPR Compliance Solution, Provides Visibility into What Personal Customer Data Third- and Fourth-Party Services Collect from Online Businesses.

BOSTON – JULY 18, 2018 – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Namogoo, a company that helps online businesses and publishers enhance their customer journeys and business results, today announced a partnership with Microsoft to deliver a GDPR compliance solution.

Microsoft Israel R&D Center and Namogoo jointly developed a GDPR compliance solution that enables online businesses and publishers to track which of their third- and fourth-party services are collecting and sharing personally identifiable information (PII), identify which PII parameters are being collected and shared, and receive alerts of risks associated with GDPR compliance. While many businesses have made significant efforts to ensure their web properties are GDPR compliant, few are fully aware of the impact their third-party services and tags have on their GDPR compliance.

Limor Lahiani, Head of Engineering at Microsoft, said, “We designed Microsoft Azure to enable startups to develop products on our platform and deliver cutting edge technologies in a secure and immediate manner. This mutual engineering activity is a reflection of Microsoft’s new approach to partner with high-potential startups and, together with joint R&D resources, we can bring disruptive innovation to the market.”

This new capability is an expansion of Namogoo’s Digital Insights solution and provides even more extensive coverage to minimize the impact of third- and fourth-party services on site performance and privacy. The solution, which leverages Microsoft’s big data platform, uses Machine Learning and statistical correlations to analyze hundreds of millions of web sessions each week and assess the impact of services on site performance, business KPIs and data collection.

“According to the GDPR regulation, online businesses and publishers are held responsible for the personal data their third-party vendors are collecting from their site. Gaining that visibility, however, is challenging,” said Ohad Greenshpan, co-founder and CTO of Namogoo. “By working with the Microsoft Commercial Software Engineering team and using Microsoft’s big data platform, we were able to develop a sophisticated solution that provides real-time visibility into this problem. Namogoo is able to digest and analyze PII data collection events in real time, enabling our clients to detect these cases as they happen.”

“It was exciting to see how quickly the framework for this solution took shape,” says Uri Barash, Group Product Manager at Microsoft. “The ability to efficiently process the high velocity stream of web sessions information, both textual information and structured information, was key to providing a flexible near real-time view, as well as analytics of the potential GDPR violations Namogoo’s customers are accountable to prevent. The piping took only a couple of days to set up, which allowed Namogoo’s engineers to focus on the ever-evolving violation detection logic. This is the essence of platform success: allow the engineers that use it to focus on their unique value add.”

To learn more about Namogoo’s GDPR compliance solution, please visit Namogoo’s GDPR Insights.

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