Israel’s Top eCommerce and Retail Startups Join Forces to Showcase Israeli Innovation

June 4, 2019

Israel’s Top eCommerce and Retail Startups Join Forces to Showcase Israeli Innovation

June 4, 2019

Namogoo Spearheads the Israel eCommerce Innovation Virtual Summit 2019, featuring live webinars from leading Israeli startups focusing on emerging technologies, case studies and best practices

TEL AVIV — June 4, 2019 — This month, Namogoo will be hosting the first of its kind Israel eCommerce Innovation Virtual Summit from June 24th-June 27th, 2019. The event will feature speakers from game-changing Israeli eCommerce and retail startups including Namogoo, Dynamic Yield, Yotpo, Optimove, Riskified, and Syte, and top executives from retailers Tailored Brands and as well as technology leader Microsoft and multinational consulting firm Deloitte. As recent acquisitions of Israeli startups by world renowned brands highlight, Israel has become a hotbed of eCommerce and retail innovation, with technology coveted by the world’s leading companies.

The four-day virtual event will kick-off with a presentation from Deloitte on the landscape of Israeli retail technology, followed by a series of webinars from leading Israel-based innovators along with top global retail brands in one interactive online forum.

Israel, the Startup Nation, has emerged as a global hub for retail innovation. The Israeli retail technology ecosystem includes over 500 startups, with $428 million in investments in 2018 alone. Global giants like Microsoft, Amazon, Walmart, Nike and McDonald’s have all invested heavily in Israeli retail innovation in recent years, with dozens of other top brands actively scouting for the next big thing out of Israel.

Participating companies will showcase a range of technological solutions, such as delivering distraction-free online customer journeys, enhancing personalization, superior customer relationship management and visual recognition. The Israel eCommerce Innovation Virtual Summit will shine a spotlight on these emerging technologies, highlighting exclusive case studies from some of the world’s top retailers leveraging these new technologies to amplify customer engagement, expand enterprise opportunities, boost sales and impact their bottom lines.

“We are thrilled to be launching the Israel eCommerce Innovation Virtual Summit along with our stellar partners,” said Chemi Katz, CEO of Namogoo. “Israel is jam-packed with technologies helping retailers outperform their peers. Our hope is to bring more value to our collective customer base by introducing them to great technologies coming out of Israel. This is a guided tour through the kind of all-star innovation you don’t want to miss.”  

The event is sponsored by Microsoft, Deloitte, Israel Export Institute, Coresight Research, UK Israel Tech Hub, and the Retail Innovation Club. A full schedule can be found here.

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