Actionable Insights on Your Most Valuable Customer Segment – Meet the new Namogoo Dashboard

May 3, 2021
The new Namogoo dashboard
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With over one billion tracked web sessions per month across a wide range of e-commerce industries, Namogoo analyzes large volumes of anonymous data being collected about the customer journey. This data can be translated into actionable insights, and more often than not, your sessions with our customer success team include a wealth of insights about your hijacked segment, and how preventing Customer Journey Hijacking affects your conversion rates and bottom line.

However, we realize that for you to truly make the most out of the data Namogoo identifies about your hijacked visitors, you’ll need to be able to access these insights whenever you want or need them to immediately leverage them and improve results.

That’s exactly what we’re doing with this new release. Starting today, all of our clients can access valuable, actionable insights right from their dashboard.


Understand the impact of customer hijacking prevention

Understanding how preventing Customer Journey Hijacking impacts your customer experience and main KPIs is crucial to crafting a solid business case, to gain trust in the process, and to rest assured of the value you provide your customers by giving them the journey you intended for them.

With Namogoo’s new dashboard you can:

  • See your total recovered revenues from Namogoo’s Customer Hijacking Prevention solution
  • Easily compare the KPIs of the recovered population to your control group
  • Analyze the impact across your sales funnel 
  • Gain insight into where hijacking takes place (devices, browsers, countries, and more)
  • Understand how your hijacked segment’s performance compares to your industry
  • See a demonstration of a hijacked customer experience on your own site

KPIs analysis example

The hijacked segment is worth more

Did you know that the hijacked segment is converting, on average, 170% (desktop) and 190% (mobile) higher than visitors that no one is trying to hijack?

Understanding the characteristics of this segment helps to understand why it is one of the most valuable segments for e-commerce in general.

To help you learn more about its behavior and preferences, we’ve added a new Segment Insights section that reveals a lot of details about this valuable segment.

The data you’ll find in this section is visitor-based — That means it includes insights on the entire hijacked segment, across sessions, including any sessions for this population that were not targeted by ad injections.

In fact, one of the main advantages of this segment is that it includes sessions of new visitors, which Namogoo can identify as hijacked across its network, even if they’re not impacted by ad injections on their first visit to your website.

Using Namogoo’s Segmentation you can:

  • Compare the business KPIs of the hijacked segment to the rest of your visitors
  • Analyze new vs. returning visitors in the dashboard
  • Learn where the hijacked segment is coming from
  • Gain insight into the funnel of this segment on your website
  • Learn about their preferences (products, categories, etc.)

Maximize your revenues with actionable insights

As you probably know, insights are only as good as your ability to act on them. 

What good is knowing your segment’s highest converting traffic source if you can’t double down on this source? 

What good is knowing your segment’s favorite products if you can’t personalize their email messages or their website experience by prominently featuring those products?

This is why we made it simple and effortless to use this segment across your MarTech stack. This gives you the opportunity to maximize your revenues by:

  • Offering incentives and loyalty programs to first-time visitors who are more likely to become loyal customers — this is especially powerful because these visitors are somewhat used to seeing and engaging with popups and incentives while they shop. Might as well replace these hijackers’ messages with yours, right?
  • Saving paid media costs by prioritizing your retargeting efforts for your best-converting segment
  • Connecting via email/in-app/SMS with users who are more likely to convert, even if it’s their first session
  • Personalizing their experience based on their preferences

See it in action

See the new dashboard and discover these new capabilities for yourself. Contact your customer success manager who’ll be happy to walk you through it. Still not a client? What are you waiting for? Leave us your details and our support team will get in touch and show you how you can boost conversion rates and grow your revenue by preventing Customer Journey Hijacking.

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