Unauthorized Ads Will Cost Retailers $2.1 billion in E-Commerce Q4 Sales

Learn how Online Journey Hijacking impacts your site and what you can do to prevent it.

Namogoo Q4 Holiday Report
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    What’s in the report?

    “The Impact of Online Journey Hijacking on E-Commerce Q4 Sales" will teach you:

    Why the average rate of infected sessions doubles from 20% to 40% during the holiday season.

    Real examples of the customer experience when using infected browsers.

    How you can fix the problem, increase conversion rates, and recoup stolen revenues.

    Namogoo has been featured in:

    Retail Touchpoints
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    Namogoo helps online businesses protect the customer journey by eliminating the impact of bots and unauthorized product ads injected into customer web sessions on ecommerce conversion, customer retention, and website analytics. The world’s largest retailers rely on Namogoo’s proprietary Artificial Intelligence solutions to eliminate invasive traffic and promotions, and consistently recover online revenue. For more information, visit www.namogoo.com.