Preserves its Online Customer Journey & Sees Improved Business KPIs

  • 8%

    Increased Revenue Per Visitor (RPV)

The Problem: Unauthorized Ads Hijack’s Traffic & Harms Brand Equity

14.67% Hijacking Rate

The digital team regularly tests new solutions to increase results throughout its sales funnel and continue growing its brand worldwide. Directly counteracting these efforts is the growing threat of Customer Journey Hijacking, where unauthorized ads injected into consumer browsers litter eCommerce websites with product recommendation widgets, banners, and pop-ups that disrupt visitors and divert them away to competitor websites.

When first approached by Namogoo, Co-founder and CTO Roy Yamner was slightly familiar with the issue, but was very skeptical of the scale and impact these invasive promotions were having on’s bottom line KPIs and brand image.

“I knew unauthorized ads like this existed but had no idea how prevalent they actually were. It was only after the A/B test with Namogoo that we realized the scale of this problem and what the ROI of blocking these ads could actually mean to our business.”

Roy and his team held an initial meeting with Namogoo where they viewed screenshots and videos of how these unauthorized ads appeared to hijacked visitors throughout the customer journey, from the homepage all the way down to checkout. Roy was disturbed at how effective these ads were in targeting’s key customer demographics.

“In the vision correction market, a large part of the target age group is relatively mature. I was really alarmed by how relevant the product recommendations showing up on our site were to our target audience.”

Having grown from its inception in 2008 to a major online retailer of prescription eyewear supplying orders to over 90 countries, Roy was also concerned with how these ads impacted the brand perception

Conversions, of course, are always a top concern for us. But with the growth of our company in recent years, the impact on our brand reputation is also an important priority. When you identify an issue that impacts both, it’s clear dealing with this problem is a priority.

The Solution: Namogoo Customer Hijacking Prevention Puts Invasive Content in the Rearview Mirror

Roy and his team ran a Proof-of-Value (POV) to quantify the impact of unauthorized ads on their web traffic, and assess the business benefit could reap by removing them from their customers’ experience. During this process, it was revealed that 97% of ad injections appearing to hijacked visitors were visual ads featuring competitor products.

For’s data-driven team, being able to access the POV results with their own Google Analytics platform was key to achieving consensus on what these results meant for their business.

“Being able to A/B test the results and verify the impact of blocking these ads using our analytics tools helped us confirm the impact Namogoo would have on our metrics. Seeing this value clearly helped us to quickly get buy-in from the organization.”

The Business Impact: Significantly Raises its Revenue Per Visitor (RPV)

With Namogoo’s Customer Hijacking Prevention solution blocking these ads,’s online business metrics saw an immediate uplift, including an 8 percent increase in RPV.

“In terms of business KPIs, Namogoo is one of the best-performing solutions our team has ever tested. Since the beginning of, I can count on one hand the number of times we’ve achieved increases this high.”


With Namogoo preserving a distraction-free customer experience, the executive team can focus on continued growth knowing that the online journey it works so hard to optimize is being delivered to its customers uninterrupted.

“It’s very rare to implement a solution that requires so little effort yet yield such significant results, and Namogoo continues to do this for us very successfully.”


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“In terms of business KPIs, Namogoo is one of the best-performing solutions our team has ever tested. Since the beginning of, I can count on one hand the number of times we’ve achieved increases this high.”
Roy Yamner
Co-founder and CTO

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