Deckers Brands Blocks Customer Journey Hijacking & Steps Up Business KPIs

  • 2.43%

    Increased Overall Average Conversion Rate on

  • 1.78%

    Increased Overall Average Conversion Rate on

The Problem: Customer Journey Hijacking Diverts Customers Away from Deckers Brands

Hijacking Rate: 16.53% | 18.72%

With a growing family of both fashion and performance lifestyle brands sold in over 50 countries worldwide, including UGG and Teva, Deckers Brands’ Digital Technology team constantly tests and implements solutions to make their customer journey seamless and enhance each step of their sales funnel. But a significant portion of their online customers weren’t receiving that optimized experience due to the growing impact of Customer Journey Hijacking, which disrupted their site visitors with unauthorized product ads, pop-ups, and banners, luring them away to other promotions and cutting into Deckers’ bottom line.

When Namogoo notified Deckers Brands’ Director of Omni Digital Technology and UX Nicolas Smotek about how unsanctioned ads injected into consumer browsers were hurting their customer experience and revenue, he was skeptical but curious to find out more about the issue:

I was definitely skeptical at the start, and even at the start of the testing period until I saw the results. After I first heard about Namogoo I read some of their other customer case studies and it caught my eye as something worth looking deeper into.

The Solution: Namogoo Preserves Deckers Brands’ Optimized Customer Journey

After meeting with Namogoo, Nicolas and his team agreed to run a Proof of Value (POV) on to verify how many of their visitors were affected, and how much they could improve conversions and critical business metrics with Namogoo’s Customer Journey Hijacking Prevention solution.

When viewing the variety of ads their customers were exposed to, Nicolas was surprised to see just how tailored these ads were and the perception this created for Deckers’ customers.

“These ads were very targeted to our specific products and categories. I was shocked to see ads from some of our own retail partners overlayed on top of our products and cutting into our margins, even if this was never something they intended to happen.”

The POV testing revealed that 14.42% of all visitors to were being disrupted by invasive ads. Nicolas was pleasantly surprised that hijacked visitors generally converted higher than unaffected visitors. Conversion rates got a bigger lift still when Namogoo’s solution blocked injected ads from impacting these active shoppers.

“We saw a higher rate of hijacked traffic than we initially thought. It was interesting to see that this particular group of traffic converted higher than our normal traffic and that when we blocked the ads for this group they converted even higher.

The Deckers team was easily able to track and verify all testing results from the outset using their Adobe Omniture solution.

“Namogoo’s solution flagged web sessions as either hijacked or not at the very start of each visitor’s journey. We were able to monitor the blocked group versus the control group as a 50-50 split until we reached statistical significance.”

The Business Impact: Deckers Puts its Foot Down On Invasive Ads & Lifts Sales Funnel KPIs

With the POV results reaching statistical significance, the Deckers team raised their overall conversion rate on

“The results were great to see. It’s rare to come across a solution where you can see such a high return in for KPIs.”

Nicolas and his team were buoyed by not only the improvements to their sales funnel KPIs, but also how well their site visitors responded when viewing the customer journey they worked so hard to create.

Since the POV, the Deckers team uses Namogoo’s solution on all of its brands, and have increased overall conversion rates for by 2.43%, as well as by 1.78% for

Namogoo is unique to other solutions. It doesn’t add new elements to our site to boost metrics. It takes away external disruptions and brings us back to our intended customer experience, helping us capture the money on the table that should already be there but was lost due to injected ads.


Deckers Brands is pleased to be seeing their sales funnel KPIs shining through by preserving their optimal experience for their customers. With Namogoo now running on all of their brand sites, Deckers constantly monitors the impact of Namogoo Customer Hijacking Prevention by comparing its results to a control group.

“We’ll typically test on one brand and extend it to more brands to see if we’re happy with the results, and for seasonality we chose Teva. Once we saw positive results and were confident they’d hold consistently we made the decision to apply Namogoo to all of our brands.”


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“Namogoo takes away external disruptions and brings us back to our intended customer experience, helping us capture money on the table that should already be there but was lost due to injected ads.”
Nicolas Smotek
Director of Omni Digital Technology and UX

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