Clear Skies Ahead: OpenSky Stops Customer Journey Hijacking & Raises Online Revenue

  • 17.35%

    Increased Average Conversion Rate for Infected Users

  • 2.45%

    Increased Overall Average Conversion Rate

  • 19.66%

    Increased Revenue Per Visitor (RPV)

About OpenSky

Backed by global eCommerce leader Alibaba, OpenSky’s marketplace connects online shoppers with unique products at great value while providing small and medium-sized businesses with the technology and marketing resources to grow and succeed.

The Problem: Unauthorized Ads Hijack OpenSky’s Web Traffic and Revenues

14.1% Infection Rate

The OpenSky Technical team consistently tests and implements software to optimize key KPIs throughout the funnel and drive ROI for their user base of merchants. But the growing issue of Customer Journey Hijacking, where unauthorized ads are injected into consumer browsers, was undercutting these investments — and directly cutting into OpenSky’s revenue.

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Namogoo reached out to Kurt Fickewirth, who leads front end and mobile development for OpenSky’s group of sites.

I’d heard of these unauthorized ads in the past, but was pretty skeptical as to just how much of this activity was happening on our site and the extent that they were actually impacting us.

The Solution: Namogoo Preserves OpenSky’s Customer Experience

To verify the scale and impact of unauthorized product ads affecting OpenSky’s web visitors, Kurt and Namogoo agreed to run a Proof of Value (POV) process.

Through A/B testing, Kurt and his team discovered that 14.1 percent of OpenSky’s visitor sessions were being interrupted by invasive product recommendations, pop-ups, and banners throughout their funnel. The vast majority of these ads — 97.1 percent — lured customers away to direct competitor sites. The OpenSky team was able to measure the impact of blocking this unwanted content on both their reputation and sales funnel KPIs.

For us, the fact that we can prevent losing our customers to other sites and increase revenue, while also keeping our brand clean, is very important. It makes having Namogoo on our site a no-brainer.

Kurt and his team were especially surprised to learn that their most impacted customers were also their most active.

“It was fascinating to see that people who were infected bought more products and at a much higher rate than the rest of our customers. The conversion rate was noticeably higher for these users.”

The Business Impact: Key Metrics Soar with Enhanced Customer Journeys

By blocking unauthorized promotions with Namogoo Customer Journey Hijacking Prevention, OpenSky saw conversions rise 17.35 percent for infected visitors — an overall lift of 2.45 percent. With their customer experience kept distraction-free, their Revenue Per Visitor (RPV) jumped significantly by 19.66 percent. The OpenSky team was excited to have found a solution that directly moves their bottom line.

With many of the other tools we test, it’s harder to measure their actual bottom line impact. But Namogoo directly affects the conversion rate on our site. It’s hard to argue against directly increasing your revenue.


With intrusive ads no longer skimming conversions from the OpenSky marketplace, Kurt and his team have added confidence that their customers experience the optimal online journey they’ve invested so much in delivering — and that their conversions and revenue are reaping the rewards as a result.

“Seeing these results definitely validated Namogoo’s ability to keep our customer experience clean and deliver improved KPIs.”


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"With many of the other tools we test, it’s harder to measure their actual bottom line impact. But Namogoo directly affects the conversion rate on our site. It’s hard to argue against directly increasing your revenue."
Kurt Fickewirth
Frontend / Mobile Development Team Lead

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