Customer Privacy Protection

Gain full visibility and control of your
3rd and 4th party vendors and the data
they collect and share, to prevent data
leakage and ensure compliance.

The 3rd &
4th party

Today’s website ecosystem is more complex than ever. The growing usage of 3rd party vendors enables online businesses to optimize their website, boost customer engagement, and grow revenues. But adding these digital vendors to your ecosystem can introduce new user privacy and compliance risks to your organization.

Namogoo helps companies manage:

Privacy Protection You Can Rely On

Guaranteed coverage of all personal data collection or exposure by 3rd & 4th party vendors

Client-side detection


Full visibility and coverage of any personal data exposed or collected by 3rd & 4thparty vendors and/or malicious hackers on all customer sessions.

Real time alerts
& Continuous
data auditing

Real time adaptive alerts and continuous monitoring to track any suspicious behavior on any domain or asset, including code changes, collected data, pages, sections and audience affected.

Real time alerts & Continuous data auditing
Benchmark & Best Practices

& Best

Timely, actionable and relevant information regarding all 3rd & 4th party vendors, suspicious domains, patterns and/or code changes in real time.


Map the digital chaos, review and track vulnerabilities, risk mitigation actions and the progress of all 3rd & 4thparty vendor risks.

Manage data

Recent victims of data breaches caused by 3rd party vendors

Sophisticated technology, effortless integration

Namogoo's SaaS solution flexibly integrates with your existing framework giving you full and ongoing visibility using your own analytics.

Integrates to
Your Analytics
Namogoo seamlessly integrates with any analytics tool to allow transparent operation.
Easy to
Set Up
Namogoo is easy to deploy and maintain, with no development resources needed.
Works on
Any Platform
Namogoo’s SaaS solution runs effortlessly on any platform, device, or browser.

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Namogoo CHP Dashboard

Customer Hijacking Prevention

Detects and blocks unauthorized
malware-driven ads from disrupting
your customer journeys.