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How Hudson’s Bay Company Increased e-Commerce Conversion Rates and Online Revenue

HBC (Hudson’s Bay Company), a diversified global retailer, wanted to improve the online shopping experience for its customers. To do this, Steve Jacobs, HBC’s SVP Technology, needed to understand the scope and impact of the Online Journey Hijacking phenomenon on HBC customers.

Online Journey Hijacking steals customers and revenue by serving unauthorized product ads via client-side Digital Malware that bypasses server-side security solutions. HBC ran a 30-day Proof-of-Value pilot with Namogoo to gain insight into the scale and impact of Online Journey Hijacking on their customers and their bottom line.

This case study will show you:

  • How HBC used Namogoo to increase e-commerce conversion rates, online revenue, and other key business parameters

  • The visibility HBC gained on the quantified impact of Online Journey Hijacking on their customers, their e-commerce site visits, and their online revenue

  • How Namogoo’s unique technology detected and blocked client-side Digital Malware for HBC’s customers

  • How HBC implemented Namogoo across their brands to protect their customer journey

Namogoo’s disruptive technology is designed to identify and block unauthorized product ads injected into web sessions that are diverting the customer journey and hurting conversion rates.

Namogoo consistently recovers revenue for online stores; companies who use Namogoo report an immediate conversion uplift, and are able to win back a large percentage of their stolen revenue.

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