Ashok Krishnamurthi|Board Member, Great Point Ventures | Namogoo

Ashok Krishnamurthi

Board Member, Great Point Ventures

Ashok Krishnamurthi is a successful serial entrepreneur and investor, most recently having founded CAPP Medical, a cancer diagnostics company that was acquired by Roche Diagnostics. Previously he founded Xsigo Systems, a provider of advanced data center connectivity, which was acquired by Oracle. Prior to that, Ashok was an early technologist at Juniper Networks where he helped developed many of the products that power today’s internet, and which provided one of the highest investment returns in the history of Kleiner Perkins. Ashok is also an early investor in a number of companies like GoEuro, Reflektion, OttoQ, Veradocs, Falcon Systems, Robin Systems, and Scoredata amongst others. He is currently on the board of COSY, Namogoo, OttoQ, Scoredata, K2 Cyber Security and the non-profit ALCMI.