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Malware Prevention Layer

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generation security layer for CDNs

Namogoo’s Session Firewall ™ technology is a new, unique security layer that protects companies' online assets from client-side threats

Malware that runs on end-customers' browsers and devices, hijacks sessions and injects code into them.
Automated traffic (application-layer bots) that impacts site metrics, collects data, skews analytics - and can lead to DDoS attack, content scraping and fraudulent activities.

Namogoo’s technology protects over 250 million page views daily, works with Fortune 500 companies and is grows rapidly on a daily basis.

Namogoo's proactive technology conducts its detection and blocking in real-time and is based on strong Machine Learning foundations.
As the integration can be deployed through the CDN directly, Namogoo's technology is considered by CDN vendors as a unique added-value service for its clients.