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That can’t be right: Why do infected users outperform clean users in most KPIs?

At Namogoo, we believe that the best way to prove the value of our solution is to show it. With every prospective customer, we run a 30-day “Proof of Value” (POV) to prove that our technology is both easy to implement, and ROI positive.

The POV applies an A/B test to the visitor population in which Digital Malware has been detected. Group A, the control group, are left to their own devices, while Namogoo blocks the digital malware for group B. Throughout the thirty days, we measure the difference of several KPIs, including conversion, cart abandonment, and retention.

In every POV we run, two things will almost always happen:

  1. Visitor sessions in which infection is detected will outperform “clean” sessions on several KPIs, regardless of whether the infection is blocked or not.
  2. Visitor sessions in which Namogoo blocks infection, will further outperform sessions in which infection is detected but not blocked. We consistently see an improvement of 15-25% for conversion rates, and 20-30% in checkout abandonment rate in the blocked population when compared to the monitored population of infected users.

Surprised? A lot of our customers are because there is a tendency to reverse cause and effect. It’s not that infected users are more likely to convert; rather, people who are more likely to convert are more susceptible to infection.

Why your current security solutions are leaving your online customer journey vulnerable to ad injections

Cisco’s recently released 2017 Annual Cybersecurity Report shows that 75% of organizations are affected by malicious adware – generating revenue for the adware creators by “stealing” it from the legitimate website through unauthorized pop-up banners and injected competitive product ads.

Because this adware sits on the client-side, server-side solutions are completely ineffective in protecting companies’ online customer journeys from being “hijacked” (on average, we find that 10-20% of a company’s website visitors are infected). Enterprises are losing tens of millions of dollars a year to these bad actors.

Cyber Week results from Client Side Threats point of view

With the holiday season upon us, we wanted to share some interesting findings from the period November 24 – 28, 2016, including Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The below findings are based on analysis of data from a number of our ecommerce clients. CYBER WEEK: PEAK IN DIGITAL MALWARE A 36% increase in the overall […]

When Namogoo Conquered Sparta

When we started developing Namogoo’s code, a while back, one of the most important goals we set to ourselves was to keep it light, minimal, ascetic, open, fast, yet powerful and effective. This goal was critical for the mission we set out to do. To achieve these goals, we decided to adopt some of the […]

Who is Hijacking Your Affiliate Marketing?

Expected to grow to nearly $7 billion over the next five years (according to Forrester report commissioned by Rakuten Marketing), affiliate marketing is no newcomer and has been at the top three most affective customer acquisition strategies for quite some time. By effectively connecting between retailers, publishers and shoppers, affiliate networks have been able to […]

Namogoo Selected as One of the Winners of Red Herring North America

As a leader in protecting enterprises against client-side attacks, Namogoo has essentially created a new category of end-point security, expanding it to customers and visitors. In the last several years, client-side attacks have rapidly grown while continuously mutating. Nonetheless, client-side attacks remain completely invisible to traditional security monitoring systems as they bypass all server-side shields. […]

Success Story: Top ecommerce Vendor Eliminates Client-Side Injected Malware to Ensure a Safe and Distraction-Free Customer Journey

One of Namogoo’s​ ​most​ ​recent​ ​customers is a large UK-based retailer with a significant online presence, that​ ​set a clear goal to be positioned as a digital leader, be proactive when considering how it protects its shoppers and offer the best and safest shopping experience. By leveraging Namogoo’s DigitalKnight ™ solution, th​is​ ​customer​ ​was able […]

The New Invisible Malware that Threatens Kids Online

Publishers specializing in children invest enormous efforts in creating the safest possible browsing environment for their young audience. Publishers don’t only focus on ensuring the content is appropriate and designed for the correct age group, but they also work hard to to create a “closed” and protected environment, free of external content, ads and spyware. […]

Malware Peekaboo: It’s a Short Road to Become Infected

Client-side injected malware has been playing “peekaboo” with enterprises in the last couple of years. Some companies are aware of it, especially due to customers complaining about “weird” ads and a faulted customer journey. But for most enterprises client-side injected malware is completely invisible. The reason is very simple: client-side injected malware (CSIM) is undetectable […]

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