Account Director

United States Office

What we're looking for

Namogoo is looking for an experienced Account Director to work with our current customer base and increase the value we deliver and as an outcome the revenue per customer. The Role will require to work with top executive within our customer base to find opportunities for up-sell of current services and cross-sell new services.

Skills & Experience

  1. At least 2-5 years’ experience in a SaaS/Cloud B2B account management role up-selling and cross-selling within the customer base
  2. English – mother tongue level
  3. Exceptional written and verbal communication skills are a must
  4. Proven track record of successfully building and nurturing multi-level client relationships
  5. Critical thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving skills
  6. Ability to lead and motivate, develop clear and creative solutions to complex problems and manage multiple initiatives simultaneously
  7. Comfortable dealing with complex customer relationships, decision processes, and competing agendas
  8. Proven experience with web technologies
  9. Experience working with eCommerce and Online Retailers = a Plus

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