Digital Insights Director Of Demand Generation

Israel Office

What we're looking for

Namogoo is looking for an ambitious and experienced demand generation expert (Director-level) to build and manage the MQLs pipeline for our new product Digital Insights. This role will play a pivotal part in the continued success of  Namogoo ensuring that our sales teams are able to have effective conversations with the most qualified prospects.


Skills & Experience

  1. 5+ Years of experience in B2B digital marketing, with a focus on building demand
  2. Has managed monthly and annual Marketing leads, MQL, SQL, Earned business targets
  3. Prior experience with a high growth company
  4. Excellent analytical skills’ and the ability to turn data into an action-oriented story
  5. Experience with website analytics, SEO/SEM, landing page optimization
  6. Strong ability to assess lead generation marketing campaign performance, design future campaigns and interpret marketing performance metrics.
  7. Direct experience in selecting and managing an effective demand generation mix including email marketing, direct mail, social media, online marketing, and webinars with a record of driving rapid lead and revenue growth.
  8. Possess an extreme attention to detail and consistency, from both a visual and content point of view
  9. Must have a sense of urgency, be a master at executing and extremely well organized with strong project management skills


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