Corporate IT Manager

Israel Office

What we're looking for

Namogoo is looking for an expert Corporate IT Manager to manage the company’s global IT. In this position, you will be responsible for providing IT support to all Namogoo’s employees worldwide and managing the entire IT infrastructure of the company.

You will also provide hands-on, global support for corporate desktop/laptop computer infrastructure, and support both onsite and remote clients. Manage all IT related purchasing and budget such as Hardware, Software, Solutions (AWS, Azure), ISP. Be in charge of security evaluation and assessments required by the company.

Skills & Experience

  1. Support and install experience (Mac, windows )
  2. Networking knowledge (Fortigate, Cisco, etc.)
  3. Experience with mail admin (Google apps)
  4. Ability to handle multiple projects and competing deadlines
  5. Ability to take a proactive approach in managing problems

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Corporate IT Manager

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