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What we're looking for

Namogoo’s mission is to enhance the customer journey and greatly improve conversion rates for top online retail brands. Our infrastructure analyses hundreds of millions of events per day and will put you at the forefront of data technology.

In order to do so, we utilize cutting edge technologies, platforms and frameworks such as Vue.js, node.js, Python, native.js, RDS, MsSQL, RedShift, AWS, Azure and GCP using micro-services architecture.

We’re looking for a senior Full-Stack Developer with strong experience in JavaScript for a key role in our development team. This is a unique opportunity to grow and learn in a fast-paced company with exciting technology. We’re looking for someone who is creative, an out-of-the-box thinker and who gets excited when facing new challenges. The full-stack developer will lead and develop architecture, infrastructure, and applications using cutting-edge JavaScript frameworks.

Skills & Experience

  1. 3+ years of Front-End development (Vue.js, React or Angular) – MUST
  2. 1+ years of experience in developing Back-End services (Node.js)
  3. Experience in design and implementation of highly scalable applications
  4. Solid understanding of complex system architecture
  5. Previous experience with Node.js and vue.js are a big plus
  6. High standards of code quality, testing, and performance
  7. B.Sc. in Computer Science from a well-reputed academic institution

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