Remove Browser Bots from Your Analytics this Holiday Season

Bots make up almost 52% of traffic on the internet but analytics tools capture only 1% of that.

Namogoo’s Browser Bot Detection allows you to detect the new generation of browser-bots that mimic real users’ behavior to ensure your analytics reflect only human visitors’ data.

No integration required – a simple tag added to your website gets you up and running in minutes.

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Understand your true KPIs and how they are impacted by bot traffic

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See which devices and browsers are impacted the most by bots

Integrates to Your Analytics

Namogoo seamlessly integrates with any analytics tool to allow transparent operation.

Easy to Set Up

Namogoo is easy to deploy and maintain, with no development resources needed

Works on Any Platform

As a cloud-based solution, Namogoo runs effortlessly on any platform device or browser.

Integration with Existing Systems for Complete Visibility

Namogoo is designed to flexibly integrate with your existing framework so you can access analytics within the systems you're already using

About Namogoo

Namogoo is pioneering the market of Journey-Hijack Prevention. Namogoo takes a whole new angle to preserving the customer journey; rather than being installed on the server, Namogoo tracks and analyzes millions of web sessions from the server all the way to customers' browsers. Each session is linked to the Namogoo Cloud Engine using a simple script in the tag area that detects unauthorized injected media according to factors such as deep content inspection, statistical analysis, and indicative behavioral patterns.

Namogoo is opening online retailers' eyes to the extent that Journey Hijacking is plaguing their online stores. Fortune 500 CTOs and e-commerce executives are using Namogoo to reassume control of their stores and customer journeys.