Topic: customer journey hijacking

How Samsonite Sent Ad Injections Packing [Success Story]

September 18, 2019

Not only does Samsonite prevent Customer Journey Hijacking, but it also gleans customer insights from our solution and leverages them to boost its marketing KPIs.

Ad Blockers vs. Customer Hijacking Prevention: What’s the Difference?

September 4, 2019

While both solution types block ads they consider unwanted, they define those ads very differently and block them in very different ways. Here’s why.

How Ad Injections Contribute to Customer Churn for Subscription Box Companies

August 14, 2019

All companies want to minimize customer churn, but subscription box services are uniquely dependent on customer retention. That’s why they should worry about ad injections.

How Customer Journey Hijacking Exploits WiFi Connections

August 8, 2019

Did you know that Customer Journey Hijacking can even affect shoppers who have not installed malware? Here’s how WiFi connections make it possible.

Why You’re Likely Paying Affiliate Marketers for Disrupting Your Customers

August 1, 2019

If you have an online store, unscrupulous affiliate marketers are trying to disrupt it through injected ads. Here’s why you’re likely paying them.

eCommerce Beyond Amazon: Who Made the Most of Prime Day?

July 24, 2019

While many shoppers were busy taking advantage of Prime Day, we at Namogoo measured the sale’s impact on eCommerce beyond Amazon. Here’s what we found.

New Ways to Prevent eCommerce Fraud [Webinar]

July 18, 2019

Customer Journey Hijacking and ad fraud enable bad actors to make money at retailers’ expense. Watch this webinar to learn how you can protect your company.

How Injected Ads Target Shoppers When They’re Ready to Buy

July 17, 2019

We’ve long known about injected ads stealing shoppers away from eCommerce websites, but Namogoo’s latest data show these ads are most common near the end of the customer journey.

3 Ways Ad Injections Destroy Customer Relationships

July 10, 2019

Every time a consumer leaves an online store due to Customer Journey Hijacking, there’s a real risk that that shopper is gone for good. Here are 3 key reasons why.

Shopping Cart Abandonment: 5 Reasons Shoppers Are Leaving Your Store

July 3, 2019

Shopping cart abandonment was not a problem before the rise of eCommerce. So why is it so common among today’s online shoppers, and what can you do about it?

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