New Feature: Intent-Based Email & Phone Capture -The Smart Way to Grow Subscriber Lists

January 4, 2022
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We’re excited to announce the addition of a new feature for Intent-Based Promotions that now allows you to grow your email and SMS subscribers lists!

With this new feature, brands can smartly collect email addresses and phone numbers by giving shoppers the right discount at the right moment in their journeys, not only at the beginning or the end. This will ensure that margins, the customer experience, and brand perception are preserved. 

How Does it Work?

Like with all Namogoo’s intent-based campaigns, our Prediction Engine will automatically identify the visitor’s intent, based on a huge variety of data points. Then, it will choose the right moment to display the campaign in each session that is eligible under the settings the retailer applied to the campaign. This process leads to a better customer experience by having the email/phone capture pop up when shoppers are more likely to leave their details and when it’s not hurting your sales.

Also, you can set a discount range and let the Prediction Engine choose the minimum discount needed to get the email address or phone number. For example, someone who might be on their way to buy anyway might not need the maximum discount. At this point, depending on the visitor and website, a small discount might be enough and you could keep your margins.

The Importance of Giving the Right Discount to Capture Emails and Phone Numbers at the Right Moment in the Journey 

Imagine that you walk into a store for the first time, but you’re not sure whether or not you’ll buy something there yet. Would you give the employee your personal details while you’re browsing the aisles?

The answer to this question is most likely not.

However, this experience of being bombarded with requests for personal details is the reality for most shoppers whenever they first visit a new online store. 

We see that there are two possible negative outcomes:

  • You lost profit margins on a sale that was already about to happen for an email that they were going to get anyway.

Brands can potentially hurt their margins, the customer experience, and even their brand perception by showing the customer a discount just a few moments after they entered the store. Depending on the frequency of this request and the intensity of other promotional activities, this experience could easily shape the customer perception of the brand as a discount brand.

  • You completely missed the opportunity to get the customer’s email by asking for it at the wrong time.

This tactic not only doesn’t solve the problem of asking their details at the wrong time, since the visitor already decided they’re leaving, but this tactic also creates a new problem. Over time shoppers learn to trigger this popup whenever they actually want to buy something, causing the retailer to lose margins yet again.

Asking for personal information at the end of the customer journey is also damaging. Some brands try to collect emails only upon exit intent, or for most retailers, when the visitor closes the popup promotion. 

Steering Clear of Promo Fatigue

With the exception of discount brands, it’s not ideal for brands to show too many promotions. Promotion overload negatively impacts brand perception, erodes the pricing integrity of your products, and creates shopping patterns that rely on promotional time periods.

So, when running a discount campaign in order to grow your subscription list, while also running a discount campaign to increase your sales and conversion rate, you’re taking a risk if showing too many promotions to a specific visitor within the same session.

With Intent-based email and phone capture, you can take the guesswork out of which campaign you need to prioritize. Simply let our Prediction Engine decide the best time to display each promotion at the right time in the journey, for each and every shopper. 

How To Create a Campaign to Grow Your Subscriber Lists 

Creating your first Grow Subscriber List campaign is easy to set up. Simply go to the Intent-Based Promotions dashboard and follow the steps to start building your campaign.

Then, choose from pre-built templates that are easily customizable to get your campaigns up and running in a snap. You can customize the font, copy, colors, and imagery so that it’s aligned with your brand’s look and feel. 

If there’s a new feature that you’d love to see, please contact our support team or your account manager, and let them know!