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Namogoo Announces New Advisory Board Members: Rony Grushka, David Hannigan and Roy Rubin

We have the pleasure to announce that Rony Grushka, David Hannigan and Roy Rubin joined
Namogoo’s Advisory Board. Rony, David and Roy’s valuable contribution to Namogoo will help
us build a strong foundation and enhance our solutions to better fit our clients’ needs and the
threats they are dealing with.

“The combined skills and experience of David Hannigan, Rony Grushka, and Roy Rubin provide
a diversified and exceptional advisory board,” said Chemi Katz, Namogoo’s Co-founder and
CEO. “Their varied fields of experience allow for maximum insight into all aspects of security and
malware, and provide the necessary and comprehensive scope to be the best in our field.”

About Rony Grushka:
Rony Grushka is the co-founder of Markit, the leading global provider of financial information
services. While at Markit, Rony served as Head of group corporate strategy since 2011, where
he oversaw acquisitions, investments, and group structure. With over 15 years of experience as
a Chartered Accountant, Rony has vast experience in setting up and managing businesses in
different sectors.

About David Hannigan:
David Hannigan is the Managing Vice President of Information Security and Risk Management
for Capital One, focusing on new security innovation and engineering solutions that securely
enable business needs. A seasoned information security professional, David’s history includes
securing cutting edge technology for Zappos and Sears Holding.

About Roy Rubin:
Roy Rubin is the co-founder and former CEO of Magento, an eCommerce technology platform
acquired by eBay in 2011. After serving as Vice President of Magento under eBay until March of
2014, Roy now focuses on his passion for commerce technology by advising young companies
in the field.

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