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Namogoo Selected as One of the Winners of Red Herring North America


As a leader in protecting enterprises against client-side attacks, Namogoo has essentially created a new category of end-point security, expanding it to customers and visitors. In the last several years, client-side attacks have rapidly grown while continuously mutating. Nonetheless, client-side attacks remain completely invisible to traditional security monitoring systems as they bypass all server-side shields. By leveraging client-side real-time behavioral analysis, Namogoo offers a pro-active real-time detection and protection against zero-day client-side injected malware attacks, covering all devices, operating systems and browsers.

Based on our unique approach to protecting enterprises, Namogoo was recently selected out of 1,200 companies to participate in Red Herring’s 2016 North America event in Los Angeles, CA. Red Herring has been tracking the most innovative and promising start-ups since 1996, and identified some of the most successful start-ups including Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Skype,, YouTube, Palo Alto Networks and eBay.

Last week, during the event, Namogoo was nominated as one of the winners of Red Herring North America and will continue to participate in the Global event in November. “In 2016, selecting the top achievers was extremely difficult,” said Alex Vieux, publisher and CEO of Red Herring. “The variety, depth, disruption and traction we saw from the early stage companies to those with significant scale made it one of the toughest vintages to judge. The North America winners are representative of the amazing ecosystem that never ceases to astound, with new and experienced entrepreneurs continuing to push the barriers of innovation. As one of the winners, Namogoo should be proud of its accomplishment under such strong competition.”

During the process, companies were evaluated on both quantitative and qualitative criteria including financial performance, technological innovation and intellectual property, DNA of the founders, business model, customer footprint and market penetration. “This is a phenomenal achievement to the entire Namogoo team” explained Chemi Katz, Namogoo’s co-founder and CEO. “The innovation that sets Namogoo apart is based on our deep learning capabilities and our real-time proactive approach in protecting digital assets. In a very short period of time we have built a strong team and a unique product, making the recognition by Red Herring, which was early to identify quite a few monumental start-ups, a great honor for us.”

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