The Customer Journey 360°: Nine eCommerce Executives Share Best Practices

The Customer Journey eBook
Ohad Hagai
  • Ohad Hagai
  • February 22, 2018

Ecommerce has progressed dramatically in the past few years and so have customer needs. In this intensely competitive space, innovative technologies have raised the expectations of online shoppers. Having a fast, reliable and user-friendly website is no longer enough to win and retain today’s savvy customer. Every channel and touchpoint, from pre- to  post-sales, and from online to offline, must be optimized and made more seamless.

What are top eCommerce executives doing to meet these evolving needs?

Our new eBook, The Customer Journey: A 360° View from Top eCommerce Executives, hopes to help answer this and many other pertinent questions on the minds of eCommerce executives. We interviewed nine executives from leading online brands across verticals to gain their perspectives on:

  • How to optimize online customer journeys across all channels and devices
  • Which emerging technologies are delivering the highest impact on business KPIs
  • Multichannel strategies to maximize revenue online, offline and on Amazon

With customer touchpoints varying across brands and verticals, each of our interviews captures points of view, challenges and strategies unique to their business model.  

A special thank you goes out to these eCommerce executives for taking the time from their busy schedule to share their valuable insights.

Download this eBook today to gain insights and lessons learned on how to optimize the customer journey and improve eCommerce metrics throughout your business.