The Newest Addition to Namogoo’s Platform: Intent-Based Promotions

Chemi Katz and Ohad Greenshpan
  • Chemi Katz and Ohad Greenshpan
  • January 19, 2021

The year of 2020 made it clear the world is rapidly becoming more digital. This unprecedented growth presented an opportunity for all of us experiencing our new digital reality to grow and build towards a brighter future.

As passionate digital entrepreneurs, we are undeniably committed to our mission in creating unstoppable digital customer journeys, and approached this opportunity with diligence and agility. 

With the transformation in online shopping,  we gained more insight into the needs of our online shoppers, the obstacles they are facing and how digital companies need to address this, and are proud to introduce our Intent-Based Promotions machine — as part of the world’s first Digital Continuity Platform.


Introducing Digital Journey Continuity


Every customer journey deserves to reach its destination. Our platform keeps your customer journeys flowing by removing hesitation and automatically delivers what’s needed to drive the journey forward. We call it Digital Journey Continuity. 

Our proprietary technology incorporates patented data points, consumer-side signals, behavioral analytics, and prediction algorithms. By analyzing over 500M unique visitors every month, our platform is able to autonomously adapt every journey to each individual customer, clearing the path to purchase and perfectly positioning them to reach their destination. 


It all started with Customer Hijacking Prevention.


Since day one of founding Namogoo, our vision was to revolutionize the Digital Customer Journey and it all started with the introduction of Customer Hijacking Prevention. 

Namogoo was founded when we discovered that customer journeys were being cut short, causing companies to lose millions in revenue due to injected competitor ads. We were passionate and adamant about educating the market on this hidden and unknown issue, and were recognized by Gartner in 2018 for bringing a disruptive innovation to the digital commerce space. 

Since the founding of Customer Hijacking Prevention, Namogoo has helped its clients recoup over $5 billion in online revenue. Witnessing the enormously positive results we were able to deliver to leading global brands ignited our ambition even more, and we knew we couldn’t stop here. 


Evolving into our vision with Intent-Based Promotions.


While embarking on our mission to ensure customer journeys remain uninterrupted and keep flowing, we’ve enriched our platform to understand and predict each visitor’s behavior, such as their purchase propensity and likelihood to abandon in every session, even if it’s their first time visiting the website.

The acquisition of Personali was another step in expanding our core technology, to harness the capabilities necessary to turn digital journey continuity into a reality. 

We’ve built a promotion prediction engine that offers the most effective promotion at the ideal moment in the customer journey. 

The result is the first-of-its kind intent-based promotion machine.


Achieving a Win-Win for Businesses and Their Customers.


As the competition in the online world becomes fiercer, promotions have become heavier, causing margins to erode and brand equity to suffer. 

This made us understand it was time to think differently. 

Namogoo’s Intent-Based Promotions provides the ability to design and create a precise promotional experience for customers, automatically determining the most effective promotion that is tailored to convert with the minimum needed, avoiding lost profits due to redundant offers. 

We’ve developed our platform to support businesses of any size. Now, online brands ranging from the Fortune 500 to mid-market can take their eCommerce results to the next level by aligning their business goals with their customers’ needs on each and every visit.


What Can eCommerce Brands Expect? 


Our current clients which have tried Intent-Based Promotions have seen immediate results, including:

By synchronizing customer needs with business goals, Intent-Based Promotions optimizes the customer journey per visit, boosting revenues while decreasing promotion spend.


The Namogoo Heartbeat.


The unbreakable heartbeat of Namogoo comes from our team, partners and clients. 

We want to thank first and foremost our customers, who have chosen us to keep their customer journeys distraction-free. We’re committed to continuously understanding your needs, and keeping your customer journeys flowing. 

We can’t thank our dedicated employees enough, for their commitment to viewing challenges as opportunities, their passionate work ethic and innovative mindsets that continue to propel Namogoo forward towards growth.

To our investors, thank you for believing in our quest to take online journeys to the next level.

Becoming the world’s first Digital Journey Continuity platform is a milestone that we want to celebrate with you. So as we embark on our mission to drive your journeys towards limitless success — we encourage you to join us and make them unstoppable.