2019 Holiday Shopping Season Report Uncovers New eCommerce Trends

David Abbou
  • David Abbou
  • January 16, 2020

With the 2019 holiday season data now coming into full view, what were the top trends to emerge that online brands can learn and apply into their eCommerce strategies throughout the new year?

To shed light on these insights for retailers, Namogoo has just published our 2019 Holiday Shopping Season eCommerce Report, which analyzed over 2.5 billion online shopping sessions in the US and Europe, across industry verticals and devices. 

There is no disputing the make-or-break power of this period for online retailers, and we were especially interested to see how this year’s sales event would play out in light of our expectation that it would be different than in years past. We gathered this data to answer some of the most important questions for businesses that rely on eCommerce, including:

  • How did the peak shopping period impact eCommerce KPIs across regions and devices?
  • Have mobile devices finally replaced desktops as the go-to device for consumers?
  • Which verticals benefited the most from the holiday shopping season?
  • How did Customer Journey Hijacking (CJH) affect online conversion rates?

Key findings emerging from our data include:

  • Holiday season conversions on mobile devices surpassed desktop conversions for the first time, both in the U.S. and Europe.
  • Conversions spiked highest for online marketplaces in the U.S. during the holiday season, while electronics retailers enjoyed the biggest increase in online orders in Europe.
  • Over 18% of all online shopping sessions were disrupted by Customer Journey Hijacking (CJH) via unauthorized ads injected into their web browsers.
  • Shoppers visiting online marketplaces were the most susceptible to client-side ad injections than any other industry in the U.S., while home retailers were the hardest hit vertical in Europe. 
  • Holiday shoppers infected with ad injections blocked by Namogoo converted 2.7 times higher than users not targeted by these invasive promotions.

Download the full report to find out how online shoppers behaved throughout the customer journey, and how you can use these insights to improve their experience and your results throughout 2020.