The Periodic Table of Cyber Security

Chemi Katz
  • Chemi Katz
  • December 1, 2015

As we all celebrated Thanksgiving, with our families and friends, it was also a time to celebrate us as Namogoo. We have only been around for a relatively short while, but we work hard on making a true impact on enterprise cyber security.

It’s definitely great to be acknowledged.

CB Insights’ recent post on the Cyber Security Landscape lists 120 game-changing vendors, VCs and corporate investors that set a goal to protect enterprises, as well as consumers, from every possible angle.

Namogoo’s approach to enterprise protection offers a fresh point of view to threats.

Traditionally enterprises protected from the “inside-out”, assuming that the smart security measures for servers, infrastructures and network will create a sufficient protection shield.

However, as Customer Journey Hijacking bypasses all server-side security layers it has essentially created a new “front door” for hackers and manipulators.

Namogoo is re-thinking cyber security by protecting from the “outside-in”. Namogoo focuses solely on client-side threats, which reside on customers’ browsers and devices, but pose a substantial risk to the enterprise.

It’s imperative for enterprises to gain full visibility to the massive scope as well as depth of Customer Journey Hijacking, to enable them to effectively protect their business, brand and end-customers.

Namogoo’s solution, based on sophisticated machine-learning algorithms and behavior analysis, detects and prevents all types of malware-driven web activity on both desktop and mobile. In addition, the platform offers detailed analysis and tracking of Customer Journey Hijacking trends, to enrich customers data and risk analysis.