[eBook] Online Traffic Is Surging – What You Need to Be Doing Differently to Optimize Conversions

Einat Etzioni
  • Einat Etzioni
  • August 3, 2020

For any company with an eCommerce website, conversion rate optimization is always a factor worth prioritizing – especially among the digital and product managers who oversee their efforts to maximize online sales. More conversions (generally) means more sales revenue, and CRO offers companies a way to get more of both from online traffic.

But, in light of the financial uncertainty caused by the coronavirus outbreak, many businesses are concerned about investing in new initiatives – including those that could potentially boost conversion rates. Given that a certain degree of unpredictability is built into CRO projects and processes, that kind of concern adds an extra hurdle for those professionals tasked with boosting online conversions. 

The bottom line? In 2020, CRO is not only especially important, but also particularly challenging. 

With that in mind, we at Namogoo have published a new eBook to help you identify, evaluate, and prioritize innovative opportunities to improve your website. Rather than simply covering the basic CRO steps that many of today’s retailers have already implemented, this guide is designed to help you take a faster and more efficient approach to CRO.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • Which steps many businesses take when first getting started with CRO
  • How to identify CRO opportunities, evaluate them, and prioritize the most promising ones
  • What innovative approaches to CRO may help you maximize your effectiveness
  • Who you will need on a long-term CRO team in order to bring together the necessary skills


Why now, and why Namogoo?

It’s clear that conversion rate optimization has become an especially pressing topic for eCommerce companies since the start of the COVID-19 crisis. But that’s only part of the reason we at Namogoo are so focused on helping ecommerce companies make the most of the surge in traffic. 

This is  what our Customer Hijacking Prevention solution is all about. It’s true that injected ads cause a great deal of damage in a variety of realms – customer experience, brand reputation, customer loyalty, sales revenue, and more. But for eCommerce companies, the most immediate and measurable way these unsanctioned ads cause harm is by driving down online conversion rates – which, in turn, takes a toll on other eCommerce KPIs and ultimately hurts profitability. 

For more useful and innovative solutions for taking your next CRO steps, we invite you to check out our new guide.