Namogoo Use Case in AWS

Part of the Sainsbury’s Group, Argos has grown to be one of the largest omnichannel retailers in the UK and Ireland across food, clothing, general merchandise and financial services. With its group of brands Tu and Habitat, Argos’s products are sold in over 880 high street retail stores and attracts over a billion online customers annually.

When Argos discovered that over 20% of their online visitors were being disrupted by unsanctioned ad injections luring customers to competing promotions, they turned to Namogoo’s AWS-backed Customer Hijacking Prevention solution to protect their customer journey and optimize conversion. The AWS platform and cloud enable Namogoo’s machine learning-based solution to analyze vast volumes of data and to flexibly scale its classification processes. This allows Namogoo to stay ahead of dynamically evolving compute requirements, and to block consumer-side ad injections in real time, consistently increasing Argos’s online conversion rate.