The Impact of Online Journey Hijacking on E-Commerce Q4 Sales in the U.S.

An analysis of 500 million page views from top e-commerce sites

Online Journey Hijacking is the threat that is putting retailers at an estimated loss of $2.1 billion during the anticipated 2017 holiday season.

Unauthorized product ads that are injected into your customers browsers compete with your offerings on your own website and send your customers to buy similar products at your competitors.

What's in this report:

  • Why the typical 15-25% of infected user sessions doubles during peak shopping seasons

  • Real examples of the customer experience when using infected browsers

  • How digital malware bypasses server-side security, making it a problem that impacts every ecommerce site

  • What actions you can take to recoup stolen revenues this holiday season

Fortune 100 retailers are already taking action to recoup these lost sales this holiday season. Download the report and learn how to impact your online business sales.

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